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…. through online yoga & coaching, retreats and magical cacao ceremonies that not only show you the way, but also take you on a journey to your deepest self. Explore your full potential with me.

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11+ Years Yoga 

My yoga journey began in the halls of university – an oasis of calm in a sea of numbers and theories. My training at allesyoga in Leipzig opened my eyes to the magical world of the elements, a journey that changed my life forever.

6+ Years Surf

I may not be a surf instructor, but on my board I have truly understood the deepest teachings of yoga philosophy. For me, surfing is a journey of the soul, an essential part of my spiritual path.

3+ Years Ceremonies

In Bali, Portugal and South Africa, I have experienced the power and beauty of ancient ceremonies. From heart-opening cacao ceremonies to purifying sweat lodges and the Vedic fire ritual Agnihotra – each ceremony is a key that opens the door to a new world.

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Laura-Maria is such a kind and talented woman. We learned a lot about breathing and inner peace from her and I really enjoyed the time with her. I can recommend anyone to take part in her yoga courses.

– Laura B. (Yoga Weekend)

We had an unforgettable yoga weekend with Laura. Her classes are tailored to the group and she takes time for each individual. I can only recommend Laura as a yoga teacher and hope to be able to take part in one of her courses or even a retreat again soon. Thank you so much for the wonderful time!

– Lisa (Yoga Weekend)

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